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Description of Oil Field Trucking Jobs

The trucking industry is quite interesting in that there are not only many different types of trucks and drivers but the work itself is interesting. Even when looking at oil field trucking jobs, many of the same types of positions would be available although there is one very important difference. When comparing conventional truck driving … Read More

A Complete Overview of the Various Oil Field Security Jobs

Although there are a number of different oil field security jobs, as with any jobs in this industry, some are more unique than others. Because some doing a unique job is important to some people interested in the oil and gas industry, it is important to understand the various types of jobs that are currently … Read More

Opportunities for Oil Field Jobs Overseas

While some people interested in the oil field industry or those already performing some type of work prefer working on US soil, others want to see what opportunities for oil field jobs overseas has to offer. Although principles and disciplines of this particular industry would be the same, because of work being in different countries, … Read More

Tips for Securing Offshore Oil Field Jobs

With the oil industry experiencing significant growth, the number of offshore oil field jobs has exploded. Whether on an entry or executive level, jobs right now in many parts of North America and beyond are in abundance. While this is obviously great news for the economy, it is also valuable pertaining to job security. However, … Read More

Job Profile: Service Rig Roughneck

In this guide we meet Shawn, a roughneck on a service rig operated by Great Plains Well Servicing in Brooks Alberta and learn first hand about what a roughneck’s life and job are like. Read More

Job Profile: Well Tester

In this guide we look at the job of a well tester, what well testers do, their salary, and what you need in order to become a well tester. Salary: $40,000 – $60,000 Education: High School plus basic oilfield safety courses Progression:In this guide we look at the job of a well tester, what well … Read More

A Day in the Life of a Service Roughneck

In this guide we talk about the life of a roughneck on a service rig, what your life will be like, the pay, your job duties, and what to expect while working in the Alberta oil fields. Read More

Basic Requirements for a Job in Alberta’s Oil Field

This guide outlines the basic requirements you should have before looking for work in the Alberta oil field and what employers are looking for when hiring new employees. Read More

Construction Oil Field Job Opportunities

Specific to oil field construction jobs, a number of different possibilities exist. Each job involves specific duties, has unique requirements for employment, and offers a specific pay level. The nice thing about jobs of this type is that they are so varied. As a result, someone could work in the oil field with very little … Read More