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Exploring the Different Types of Oil Field Jobs!

For many families throughout the world, oil field jobs have been acting as a dependable source of income for many years. This includes both on and offshore jobs as well as blue and white collar jobs. The oil industry has countries spread out all around the world that do a global business and are classified as one of the leading business sectors. Some of the different kinds of jobs that exist on the oil fields are discussed below:


This is perhaps the most common job and comprises of individuals who are responsible for working on and around drilling rigs and platforms. A high level of agility and physical fitness is the basic requirement of this job as it’s extremely labor intensive. The salary is also worth the effort although it is lower as compared to skilled workers. The main activities of the workers include repairing problems related to the rig, carrying parts and pipes, changing drill fittings and operating the drill equipment. But the main responsibility is the running the connecting pipe down the well shaft.

 Tool Pusher

The boss of the drilling site is the tool pusher. For several days a week, the tool pusher has to stay on location. In order to guarantee production, the tool pusher is responsible for keeping the drilling team on task. Also known as rig master, the tool pusher works in the same manner as a line supervisor in a manufacturing line. Their salary is considerably better than the roughnecks.


Oil field jobs include that of drillers who head separate drilling teams. The boss of a single crew is a driller and is deemed answerable for their team’s production. Therefore, keeping the drilling process on target is their job. During drilling and other operations of the rig, the driller is responsible for the machinery. The outfitting and repair process is also supervised by them. The salary of the driller is similar to that of roughnecks.

Derrick hand

The drilling mud is the responsibility of the derrick hand. A mixture which is utilized in drilling gas and oil wells for lubricating the holes is called the drilling mud. In this way, during drilling, the pipe remains cool and straight. The derrick hand supervises the drilling process when the pipe is removed from the well. Their salary is quite considerable and sufficient.
These are the different kinds of oil field jobs that can be availed.