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The Ins and Outs of Oil field Jobs

Workers at offshore oil rigs and oil field jobs are responsible for the functioning of oil companies. Working at such places risky, physically strenuous and stressful job in which people often get quite dirty and are required to stay away from civilization for long stretches of time. On the other hand, when considering the level … Read More

Knowing More About The Basic Oil Field Jobs

Although it is well known that all entry level jobs in relation to oil fields are physically demanding, people are often unaware that they are also financially rewarding because of the long hours and effort they demand. Furthermore, the level of requirements of these jobs is very little and individuals should only be in good … Read More

Getting To Know Oil Field Jobs

Exploration, drilling and processing and support are the areas which are basically covered by the various oil field jobs that are offered. Like trucking-related positions, there are several jobs in which an overlap will occur. University level education might be required by some jobs while mechanical and technical training is a prerequisite for many which … Read More

Basic Requirements for a Job in Alberta’s Oil Field

This guide outlines the basic requirements you should have before looking for work in the Alberta oil field and what employers are looking for when hiring new employees. Read More