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Knowing More About The Basic Oil Field Jobs

Although it is well known that all entry level jobs in relation to oil fields are physically demanding, people are often unaware that they are also financially rewarding because of the long hours and effort they demand. Furthermore, the level of requirements of these jobs is very little and individuals should only be in good health and have the ability to read to quality for these oil field jobs. Listed below are some of the basic jobs that can be found:


An employee who just does about anything to assist the rig is called a roustabout. The position of the roustabout is the one which is given to people the first time they work in an oil field. General labor has to be done around the rig by these employees. In this manner, rather than fretting about maintenance and cleanup duties, the drill crew can instead concentrate fully on the drilling. Before having to perform any drilling duties, starting off as a roustabout will give employees and opportunity to learn about drilling. Some jobs that are expected from these employees include moving rigs and equipment, operating various pieces of mechanical equipment and digging trenches.


The backbone of any oil field is the roughnecks and who aid in tearing down and assembling the oil rigs when required. Other responsibilities include connecting pipes that are used for the drilling process and transporting of rigs to new oil-rich locations.

Oil Pipeline Jobs

Oil field jobs also include that of a pipeliner who keeps the pipelines maintained. Hence, painting the pipes with anti corrosive paint and rust removal is their responsibility. For ensuring that pipes are aligned and prepared for welding, a pipe-fitter is also present on the field. Similarly, there is another employee who drives and walks the pipeline, documents any leaks, makes minor repairs, reports any discrepancies and inspects is known as a pipe line walker.

Oil and Gas Seismic Jobs

For acquiring data for drilling purposes, the oil and gas seismic jobs exist. This part of the oil industry has numerous entry level jobs. For instance, in order to lay down the cable, there is the jug helper who also digs and clears the brush. Likewise, using cutting equipment like the chainsaw, there is also a line slasher who clears the tree and brush from the seismic lines.

These basic oil field jobs are a very important aspect of the entire oil industry.