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Exploring the Different Types of Oil Field Jobs!

For many families throughout the world, oil field jobs have been acting as a dependable source of income for many years. This includes both on and offshore jobs as well as blue and white collar jobs. The oil industry has countries spread out all around the world that do a global business and are classified … Read More

Securing oil rig jobs is also possible without experiences

Most of the job seekers believe that there is no chance of getting oil rig jobs if you have no prior experiences. To some extent there view is valid as there are many jobs where strict criteria of selections are maintained. However, there are many such oil drill jobs where experience is no bar. In … Read More

City Spotlight: Grande Prairie Alberta

Are you looking for work in a new city; you may want to consider Grande Prairie Alberta. In this guide we are going to introduce you to Grande Prairie, its population, climate, and economy. Location Grande Prairie is the main city in northwestern Alberta in western Canada. The city is located on the southern edge … Read More

City Spotlight: Fort McMurray Alberta

Have you been thinking about making the move to Fort McMurray Alberta but don’t know anything about the city? Well we have the right guide for you; in this article we highlight the city of Fort McMurray Alberta, its location, history, population, climate, and economy. Fort McMurray, or as it is commonly referenced to in … Read More

Alberta’s Oil Field Safety Courses

In this guide we will introduce you to several safety courses that will help you get a job in Alberta’s oil field. Read More

Basic Requirements for a Job in Alberta’s Oil Field

This guide outlines the basic requirements you should have before looking for work in the Alberta oil field and what employers are looking for when hiring new employees. Read More

About The Drilling Industry in Alberta

In this guide we will discuss the drilling industry in Alberta, what it is, employment opportunities, and everything else you may want to know about Alberta’s drilling rigs. Read More

Oil Patch Cities in Alberta

Are you thinking about moving to Alberta to work in the oil industry but have no idea which city would make a great home? Alberta Oil Careers brings you the Guide to Oil Patch Cities in Alberta which will help you find a new place to call home. Read More

The Alberta Oil Industry

In this guide we discuss The Alberta Oil Industry and its two main sectors; conventional oil production and the Oil Sands project. Read More

Moving to Alberta – Resources to Help You Prepare

Whether you are moving to Alberta from within the province or from elsewhere in Canada or the world here are all the resources you are going to need to start your new life in oil country. Read More