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Having a Successful Interview – Tips to Help you Get the Job

After you submit your resume to your potential employers the only thing standing between you and a new job is an interview. In this guide we will teach you how to have a successful interview and land your dream job. Having a successful interview is a key role in landing your dream job so you … Read More

How to Successfully Conduct a Phone Interview

If you are looking for a job in Alberta and you live in another province or country you may have to do interviews over the telephone. In this guide we will give you some helpful pointers on conducting interviews over the phone. If you are looking for a job in the Alberta oil field but … Read More

10 Resume Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

The most common resume mistakes people make and how to avoid them. A well written resume and a poorly written one are usually the difference between getting a chance at getting an interview or not. In this guide we are going to go over the most common mistakes employers complain people constantly make on their … Read More

8 Helpful Resume Writing TIps to Help you Get Hired

A resume is supposed to be a brief summary of your abilities, education, experience, and skills. Its main job is to market yourself to an employer and get them to contact you and hopefully get an interview. In this guide we will give you some pointers on writing an effective resume. Before You Begin Before … Read More