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The Ins and Outs of Oil field Jobs

Workers at offshore oil rigs and oil field jobs are responsible for the functioning of oil companies. Working at such places risky, physically strenuous and stressful job in which people often get quite dirty and are required to stay away from civilization for long stretches of time. On the other hand, when considering the level of education oil field jobs require, they pay well and can also introduce the possibility of high paying jobs in the energy industry all around the globe.


Underground reservoirs which are buried deep beneath the earth are where oil is accumulated. Areas which are rich in this natural resource are selected by oil companies and they install rigs for extraction of crude oil in the oil fields which is later sent for refining. Constructing, servicing and maintaining the oil rigs are the responsibility of the oil field workers. The exploration and seismic imagery part of the business is also explored by some workers who search for new oil sources and map out reservoirs.

Common Jobs:

Roughnecks and Roustabouts are the most common workers found on an oil field. Roughnecks have a slightly greater position than the latter but both are basically manual laborers who are untrained. Usually these workers are efficient, cautious and strong and might have to work for 12 hours straight. They have to operate machinery, conduct drilling and connect pipes. Dealing with different aspects of the rig which demand a varying level of expertise is included in some other oil field jobs for Roughnecks.


Some non-oil-related positions which are related to the service industry can also be found on an oil field. They basically render services to the workers on oil fields and include jobs like nurses, doctors, construction workers, electricians, physical therapist, caterers, fire safety companies and more. As compared to those jobs which are directly linked to the oil machinery, these jobs are mostly less demanding and strenuous and often pay more especially in circumstances when oil prices are sky high.


The price of oil in the global market determines the wages of the workers. Oil companies increase production of oil in times of rising prices. Workers have to work overtime and make in extra effort but they are thoroughly compensated for their services. Hence, for people who are healthy and strong and have an interest in the energy industry, the excellent way to make money and gain experience is to opt for oil field jobs