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Alberta Oil Field Jobs

Along with different states in America seeing incredible success drilling for oil, several Canadian provinces are experiencing much the same thing. As a result, there is great need for hard workers with an interest in the oil industry and Oil field jobs those willing to do whatever it takes to learn and grow. Of course, from the oil company’s perspective, they want people who want to forge ahead with Alberta oil careers, learning one job after another but then advancing.

The Oil Industry’s Stronghold on Canada

Looking back in history, Alberta’s economy has relied and thrived on the oil and gas industry for more than five decades. Because of this, thousands of people have been given secure and well-paying jobs in a variety of categories to include production, refining, transportation, exploration, and distribution. As a result, just under $4 billion has been paid to the Alberta Government in the form of direct royalty payments in less than a three-year period.

The oil industry in Alberta Canada has resulted in a massive infrastructure being established. With this, companies and workers have been dedicated to seeing Alberta oil field jobs continue strong in each of the areas mentioned.  For instance, more than $100 billion was spent from 2000 to 2005 by private industries to help the oil and gas industry flourish. Along with great value in oil sands, thanks to workers in various Alberta oil field careers, a large volume of oil is being produced. Now, while some of this oil remains within the country, most of it is exported to foreign countries.

Oil Sands Production

In addition to conventional oil drilling in Alberta oil sands are of tremendous importance. These “sands” are actually comprised of bitumen deposits, which is hard oil incapable of flowing without being thinned or heated using lighter types of hydrocarbons. Production of the oil sands is another opportunity for a variety of secure and well-paying Alberta oil field jobs. This particular resource is truly invaluable. In fact, other than Saudi Arabia, Alberta has the largest oil sand reserves in the world. Qualified employees in oil fields are in high demand but when it comes to oil sands, Alberta oil careers and miscellaneous jobs are taken to an entirely different level. In Canada, there are three primary locations in the northeastern part of Alberta where oil sand reserves are found. Both oil industries continue to grow in the amount of oil being produced but also need for good employees interested in various Alberta oil field jobs.

Currently, the amount of oil produced from the oil sand industry is 966,000 barrels every day. However, over the next 10 and 20 years, experts predict that number will reach or even exceed the three million and five million dollar mark, respectively. With so much opportunity, it is clear that demand for skilled workers for many different careers in Alberta Canada specific to oil production is at an all-time high and expected to climb further.

Oil Drilling Opportunities

The other oil industry in Alberta is with drilling, which is also in need for skilled workers. Not only is production of crude oil and natural gas deposits critical to the province of Alberta, it is vital to the entire country. To locate potential sites that would yield high production, geologists conduct research and surveys. Once a specific location has been mapped out, a crew comes in to set up the drilling rig and other equipment, followed by workers with oil field careers filtering in to get the process started. Typically, private companies own and operate drilling rigs in Alberta. These companies are often referred to as drilling contractors due to being hired under contract by the bigger and more powerful oil companies that need wells drilled.

Although drilling for oil has been an important piece of economic strength for many years, today this is a multimillion dollar industry. This level of success came from people putting in long, hard hours of work coupled with technological advances for equipment used. Today, someone who wants a challenging but also rewarding means of earning a living should waste no time in looking at different possibilities for Alberta Canada oil field careers.

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