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Tips for Securing Offshore Oil Field Jobs

With the oil industry experiencing significant growth, the number of offshore oil field jobs has exploded. Whether on an entry or executive level, jobs right now in many parts of North America and beyond are in abundance. While this is obviously great news for the economy, it is also valuable pertaining to job security. However, this also means that competition for jobs is extremely high. After all, during the recent financial crisis, people lost jobs, were forced to take early retirement, or reduced to a lower paying positions. Because of this, multiple people are vying for the same offshore oil field jobs. Therefore, having insight into getting noticed would certainly increase the odds of being hired. To give someone a boost that has interest in working within the oil industry but who also realizes competition is tight, the information provided would prove helpful.


Be Realistic

With so many available jobs, a person could quickly become enthralled with all the publicity that oftenincludes over stated claims. For example, websites that make promises of someone being hired for an entry level job while making $8,000 to $12,000 a month has unfortunately become all too common. For people eager to get started in a secure industry while making great money, glossing over the fine print can lead to disaster. Instead of getting sucked into an empty promise, one that could actually cost a person precious money, one of the first steps would be looking at different offshore oil field jobs of interest so the person could learn as much as possible about responsibilities, qualifications, pay, and job stability. That way, if a company states someone could earn $10,000 a month doing a specific job, the person would know immediately if the claim was realistic or a scam. Although there are some entry level jobs that require little to no special education and/or training and jobs that pay well, the majority of positions of any level within the oil industry need some type of education, training, or experience. However, a person should not be discouraged from looking at all possibilities when conducting research. An important note is with the number of offshore oil jobs growing and expected to remain stable for 20 to 30years it might be a worthwhile investment to get some degree of education, training, or experience prior to making application.

Job Demands

Another tip when it comes to securing offshore oil field jobs is to understand that many positions are physically demanding and not for everyone. Whether working as a driller, roughneck, roustabout, painter, tool pusher, welder, operator, or something else, a person would be expected to put in long hours of hard work. Again, for the individual interested in this type of work, other jobs exist that do not have the same level of physical demand but usually, these jobs are more specialized. As an example, someone could consider working as an offshore medic, environmentalist, or chemist, among other things. Of course, for the person without any of the necessary education, training, experience, or strength required for themajority of offshore oil field jobs, there are still ways to get a foot in the door. Perhaps not as glamorous, working as a chef, kitchen worker, housekeeper, or in some other similar position would at least get the ball rolling while allowing the individual exposure needed.


Past Life

For some reason, there are people who believe the only way of being hired for any of the available offshore oil field jobs it would be mandatory  to have a work history in a related field. It is true that this would be extremely helpful on a number of levels but to be hired to work in the oil field industry, people with all types of backgrounds are hired. For instance, military personnel, teachers, and many others have chosen to start a career in one of the many offshore oil fiend jobs desperately needing dedicated employees. While it might not seem like it, people in these positions bring a lot to the table specific to the oil industry. For instance, working oil field jobs requires focus, dedication, commitment, and an eagerness to learn, all things that could be extracted from prior job history in most cases. Therefore, while someone may not have exact experience to the oil industry, they could offer some of the same key elements needed to be successful in associated careers.  


Primary Criteria

Although exact criteria needed for being hired to work one of the available offshore oil field jobs would be unique to the position, overall, they all have much the same mandates to include those listed below. Someone who meets the majority of the things listed would certainly be in the best position for being considered a top candidate.

  • Be in good physical condition to include able to lift 50 plus pounds on a regular basis
  • Possess a valid driver’s license
  • Have no medical or visual condition that would make equipment operation ineffective or more importantly, unsafe
  • Be willing and able to put in long hours and for some offshore oil field jobs, be available on-call to include nights, weekends, and even holidays
  • Be 100% drug free to include passing a drug screening, as well as undergo random testing
  • Have reliable transportation for getting to and from job sites along with appropriate work attire

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