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Opportunities for Oil Field Jobs Overseas

While some people interested in the oil field industry or those already performing some type of work prefer working on US soil, others want to see what opportunities for oil field jobs overseas has to offer. Although principles and disciplines of this particular industry would be the same, because of work being in different countries, some variances might be found. However, for jobs in the United States, as well as those in foreign countries, this continues to be a career path in high demand and one that provides the ability to make a lucrative income.

Just as there are tremendous opportunities for a wide range of jobs domestically, an individual would be able to find a wide array of possibilities overseas. Therefore, someone working on a lower end job or holding a top executive position would discovery viable options for oil field jobs overseas.

Some of the oil field jobs overseas that most people think of are drillers, roughnecks, tool pushers, and so on but along with these, an operation pertaining to oil is very complex, which means skill of all types is needed for every project. Some of the additional career opportunities outside the scope of traditional oil field jobs are provided below.


Construction Project Manager

Often, working for an US-based firm in a foreign land is an opportunity waiting for the right person. For instance, a job that entailed the combination of construction, engineering, and oil field experience would be able to make between $150,000 and $180,000 in US dollars a year. In this role, the person would be responsible for the success of a construction project specific to the oil field industry to include staying within budget, on scope, and in line with scheduled completion.

The main job duties for oil field jobs overseas such as this would involve planning and managing activities and schedules for the assigned construction project, but also serve as a liaison and consultant to various project teams, clients, and even government agencies. Standard requirements include being a United States citizen, having 10 years of construction management experience, holding a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree or other related degree, possessing security clearance or being eligible, and preferably, having experience or at least knowledge of the oil field industry in general.


Senior Electrical Engineer

Another one of the highly sought after oil field jobs overseas would be working as a Senior Electrical Engineer. While jobs for this type of position are found around the globe, they are often available in Saudi Arabia. If working for a Saudi-based company in this position, potential earning would be anywhere from $80,000 to $120,000 a year, along with full benefits and even a comprehensive retirement package as added incentive.

A position such as this would require the person to hold a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree, as well as have a minimum of seven years of solid experience specific to the oil field industry. This person would be responsible for the design and construction of mega projects, managing from conception to birth and executing according to specs.

  • Some of the key components of oil field jobs overseas such as this include designing electrical modifications for oil handling and processing facilities, utilities, and even residences
  • Completing projects while staying within budget, scope, and schedule
  • Overseeing all project development prior to handing the project to the primary engineering team
  • Creating and preparing strategies and contracting plans for evaluation, solicitation, and ultimately, contract award


Reservoir Engineers

New Zealand often recruits for oil field jobs overseas such as this, which for the right candidate would offer a competitive salary upwards of $160,000 NZD a year. This particular type of job is very appealing to the person who has interest in being involved more directly with oil field operations. The main priorities of the position would include monitoring production fields, testing wells, evaluating newly drilled wells, participating in geothermal exploration projects, organizing and managing other consultants in this arena, and reviewing contractors’ designs to identify possible deficiencies, followed by making the appropriate recommendations for improvement.

Offshore Operations Specialist

The last of the many oil field jobs overseas we wanted to mention is this type of career, with earning potential of $90,000 on the low end and $120,000 on the high end. One location in which job availability would be is Qatar in which support to the Offshore Operations Manager would be provided. Some of the duties of this specialist include preparing contracts, conducting manpower, maintenance, and engineering reviews, and serving as a liaison for the various support teams.

Additionally, this individual would interpret technical documents and create, as well as review various strategies for operation in accordance with the company but also oil field regulations. For a person to qualify for this type of oil field job overseas, a Bachelor degree in Engineering would be required, along with a minimum 12 years of experience in operations specific to the oil and gas industry, preferably offshore. Overall, this person would need to be innovative and a good problem-solver in finding viable solutions for complex problems pertaining to overseas oil field work.

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