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About The Drilling Industry in Alberta

In this guide we will discuss the drilling industry in Alberta, what it is, employment opportunities, and everything else you may want to know about Alberta’s drilling rigs.

Alberta’s drilling industry is a crucial player in the search for new crude oil and natural gas deposits in Alberta as well as the rest of Canada. Once geologists have a location plotted where they think there could be a large deposit of oil or gas a drilling rig comes in and drills a well.

The drilling industry in Alberta has evolved quite a bit since the first discovery of oil in Alberta and is now a highly technologically advanced multi billion dollar industry.

Drilling rigs are owned and operated by private companies that specialize in drilling wells and are called “drilling contractors” and are contracted by the large oil companies to drill their wells. Some of these “drilling contractors” are larger then others and some drilling companies specialize in certain types of drilling, such as directional drilling or deep well drilling.

Alberta’s drilling industry is constantly expanding as are the ever changing technologies that form the industry and result in a great need for skilled personnel and laborers.

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