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Increasing Opportunities for North Dakota Oil Rig Jobs

Although the types and responsibilities of North Dakota oil rig jobs are much the same as those located in other states, currently opportunities in this particular state are excellent. In fact, there are so many people heading to North Dakota to work in the oil fields and to take jobs in other industries that there are no available accommodations. For the past year, cars lined the streets or took up spaces in motel parking lots although people were sleeping in them rather than a comfortable bed. Today, the state of North Dakota has the lowest unemployment rate in the entire country, sitting at just 4%. The challenge of not enough accommodations available to meet demand has only worsened this past year due to thousands of people being called to work North Dakota oil rig jobs of one kind of another. While so many people cannot find work in other states, people in North Dakota are enjoying steady work and income.

Abundant Jobs

The boom in North Dakota oil rig jobs has become so significant that cranes literally dot skylines. Of course, people currently working along with those being hired are thrilled with having good paying work a sense of sadness is also felt knowing that so many people in other states are still reeling from the effects of the recent economic crisis. While most other states were busying trying to fix budget deficit problems, a surplus exists in North Dakota, primarily due to oil rig and oil field industries. While the number of North Dakota oil rig jobs has continued to climb, other states around the country could only stand back and watch in awe.

The Bakken Formation

Although there are several factors that have contributed to the increasing number of North Dakota oil rig jobs, the vast expanse of land coupled with a new horizontal drilling technology being used have been most significant. In fact, using this technology, the volume of crude oil that has been pumped from the Bakken formation is staggering. According to experts, the number of barrels of recoverable oil coming directly from the Bakken formation is more than 4.3 billion!

To keep up with the amount of oil being pumped, there are now 109 oil rigs in this state in operation. Of course, for each oil rig, numerous workers are needed to complete the different duties that go along with drilling for oil. The current number of rigs is exciting but it is anticipated by the end of 2011, that number could be as high as 150. Along with the additional rigs, more and more North Dakota oil rigs jobs would open.

The entire scenario is impressive and even surprising considering that this state also has the lowest population in the country. The bottom line is that a tremendous number of jobs have been developed and future demand is only going to be much greater. This is all good news but as stated, all the North Dakota oil rig jobs have created a housing dilemma. Instead of empty motels, campgrounds, and rental homes, everything is full and overflowing. Although living in a tent during the summertime is manageable, winter temperatures and snowfall makes this nearly impossible. Although some workers have been able to buy homes thanks to having steady work and above average pay, most rent. Unfortunately, this situation has led to some dishonest people and businesses increasing monthly rental prices, knowing there will never be a lack of interested tenants. Because so many of the new workers on the oil rigs have lost homes in other states, they show up with few personal belongings and ruined credit so renting is the only viable option other than sleeping in a motel room or tent when space is available.

 Coming in Droves

Because there are more North Dakota oil rig jobs than there are workers, people have headed to this state in droves, usually coming from states that have been hit the hardest during the recession such as California. With the governor of North Dakota realizing the more rigs are put into operation and the more people who show up to secure oil rig jobs, the housing issue is going to become more and more challenging. Therefore, several temporary solutions have been devised although long-term options are being looked at. For people who have tried to find jobs in other parts of the country and for a variety of industries but without any success, it might be worth the sacrifice of cushioned accommodations to work any number of the available North Dakota oil rig jobs available or those that will soon be offered.

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