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Opportunities for No Experience Oil Rig Jobs

Many people believe the only way to work on an oil rig is by having completed a certain level of college and going through mandated training. While there are many jobs on a rig with strict criteria for being hired, a number of no experience oil rig jobs also exist. In fact, for the jobs that require no experience, a person could be hired with only a high school diploma. Of course, if someone were hired to work any of the no experience oil rig jobs but had interested in advancing, then at some point education and training would be required.

Because there are many regions of the country where oil rig jobs are in abundance, these jobs offer excellent stability, and the pay is excellent, we wanted to offer information specific to the types of jobs in which a person could be hired without experience or formal education. One note is that with these jobs being competitive, anyone interested in getting started on an oil rig should learn the right and wrong way of being hired.

One thing that a person should do is determine plans for the future. In other words, if a person were looking at a job simply for the summer or something temporary as a way of making good money versus using a low position as a platform for building a long-term and successful career on an oil rig, the type of no experience oil rig jobs considered could be different. The good news is that several jobs exist that would work for both scenarios.


Meaning of “No Experience”

Although different no experience oil rig jobs are advertised all the time, the term is a little misleading in that the hiring company would like to see some degree of work experience, even if not associated with the oil industry. While many oil rig companies are willing to teach dedicated workers on the job, this particular industry and environment is not actually a great place for someone who is completely green in that too many dangers exist.


Value of Skills

Even if a person has only a few skills, when applying for no experience oil rig jobs it should all be provided in the form of a resume. Regardless if the person had worked for a local grocery store, gas station, or provided handyman services like painting and repairing, this would all be relevant. Having some experience would be important but specific to no experience oil rig jobs, the most important thing an employer would look for is honesty, commitment, integrity, and dedication to the job.

Now, there are some no experience oil rig jobs whereby a person would work on the actual rig however, in the case of someone using entry level jobs as a way of building a solid career, more than likely the jobs offered would be on shore, not on the water. In this case, the type of work would be less dangerous and it would expose an individual to the right information and job responsibilities for learning, which would help with advancement opportunities.


Positions Available

When it comes to no experience oil rig jobs, the two that are typically filled include the Roustabout and Roughneck. In the position of working as a Roustabout, the person would actually provide assistance to a Roughneck. In this role, using cranes for handling materials, maintaining a clean deck, and offering help when and wherever needed would be the primary duties.

Although a Roughneck would have a Roustabout assisting, this title is also considered a low level or entry level job. In most cases, if a Roustabout performs duties well and learns quickly, the next step in the process of building a career in the oil industry would be working as a Roughneck. In fact, making Roughneck could be achieved within one year by a hard worker that takes job responsibilities serious. The job functions for this position include drilling and keeping the Roustabouts in line with responsibilities.

Although work performed by a Roustabout can be somewhat difficult, work of a Roughneck is definitely challenging. Along with needing mental clarity, the best candidate for both no experience oil rig jobs is strong physical ability. Regarding potential earnings, a Roustabout would make anywhere from $40,000 to $50,000 a year depending on the company, experience, and even training background. However, working as a Roughneck pushes annual income to around $80,000 a year, sometimes much higher.