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4 Oil Rig Job Application Tips to Help you Get Hired

To secure a position on an oil rig, regardless of the job title, it would be important for an individual to know how to apply for oil rig jobs. This industry has a wide selection of positions, it offers great job stability, and the pay is great but because the work environment is unique and there are definite risks on a rig, companies try to always hire the best of the best.

Locating Great Jobs

Of course, to apply for oil rig jobs companies hiring have to be identified. For this, a person would actually have a number of options. For instance, the local newspaper might prove beneficial in cities where oil drilling and production is common but even better the internet is one of the best ways of finding quality oil rig jobs. Using the internet, a person could look at open positions listed by companies that have oil rig sites, which is extremely helpful.

Although the internet is the best place to find oil rig jobs, it also opens up room for dishonest companies doing fraudulent things. Unfortunately, a number of scams have been identified specifically for oil rig jobs, which involve a person sending money as a means of getting an interview. Of course, once the money is received, the individual never hears from the company again. Because this risk exists, when applying for oil rig jobs it would be critical to choose information for known oil companies and research others in question.

Writing a Strong Resume

For the person looking to secure an oil rig job, having a lot of competition means to be offered employment, certain things should be done and other things avoided. As far as the resume, this would be critical for getting work on a rig but considering that a person might apply for a job with a company in another state or even a different country, the way in which the resume is formatted and written could open doors or shut them tight.

The company on the receiving end gets hundreds of resumes in every week so to apply for an oil rig job of any kind, an updated and professional written resume would be recommended. By having a professional writer create a strong resume that highlights pertinent work history, education, and any specialized training, it would stand out. For the employer that has not met anyone in person, the resume has to make a lasting impression from the start.

Sending in Information

After locating jobs of interest and having a professional resume and cover letter created, the individual would need to follow instructions for submittal exact. When looking at different jobs, often an ID number or other special information has been provided. Then, the company doing the hiring might make a recommendation of the person sending in the resume such as writing down a specific code. While it might seem innocent, this request could be testing the person to see how well directions are followed.

No matter the instructions for getting a resume and cover letter in, again the person should do everything exactly as requested. Otherwise, the resume could be scrapped from the beginning or it may not even make its intended target. After resumes have been submitted, the person could still do a few things to secure a job on an oil rig.

For one thing, approximately two weeks after everything had been sent in, the person interested in working could contact the company to verify the resume had been received. During the conversation, a comment about being interested and exciting in working on a particular oil rig could be made as a form of self-promotion. In this case, it would be important that the person not be too pushy yet assertive enough so the company realizes just how serious this person is.

Multiple Possibilities

We also wanted to mention that when it comes to applying for oil rig jobs, a person should submit resumes to multiple companies at once. Especially in the case of being hired on for an entry level position or for one of the more specialized areas, there is a tremendous amount of competition so sending just one or two resumes could means getting back one or two “No thank you “ letters. However, by reaching out to multiple companies, nationally and internationally, the odds of being hired would increase.

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