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Potential for Overseas Oil Rig Jobs

Along with a long list of job opportunities for working on oil rigs in the United States and Canada, there is great potential as well for overseas oil rig jobs. The same type of work is available in both instances and requirements to be hired are similar. Although some differences might exist specific to education, training, certification, and licensing, the bottom line is that an individual would need to meet job criteria to be hired.

Securing Honest Work

While many overseas oil rig jobs being advertised are legitimate opportunities, unfortunately, some scams about this type of employment have cropped up in recent years. Therefore, one of the first things a person would need to do when considering any type of work in a foreign country would be the legitimacy of the company. From there, a process would be followed to locate the job of interest but also the job matching up to current skills.

Now, if someone were interested in securing a position with one of the many overseas oil rig jobs available as a means of building a lifelong career but this individual had never worked before, it would be essential to gain some experience in the workplace prior to applying for an oil rig job. Even when companies advertise jobs for people with no experience, most want some type of work experience even if outside this industry.

The best possibilities would be jobs with mechanical, technical, or construction responsibilities since these are associated with overseas oil rig jobs of various types. Even if running a cash register at a parts store or working in the electrical department of a home improvement store would prove beneficial. Having a minimum of two years job experience, it would be feasible of securing an entry level job on an oil rig.

Although actual hands-on experience would always be best, another way a person could secure any of the overseas oil rig jobs qualified for would be with a college education. Although going to college would help even for low end positions, for the individual interested in advancing within a company, a degree focusing on the area of interest would not only help but be mandated to be hired. As an example, someone interested in becoming an engineer on an oil rig should earn a degree specific to that type of engineering.


Preparing to Work

One of the most important things needing to be done to secure one of the overseas oil rig jobs is have a powerful resume and cover letter created. Because the information on the resume is the potential employer’s introduction to an individual and the assets he or she brings to the company, information has to be focused and accurate. In addition to listing any previous experience within the oil industry, the resume should provide specific job responsibilities, length of employment, and name of direct supervisor.

If a resume were being submitted for an overseas job without having experience in this industry, then it becomes even more critical for any job experience and college education to be focused on the oil industry. After all, overseas companies will review thousands of resumes, looking for those with the most relevance so offering key information would help the resume stand out, thereby increasing odds of being asked to interview.

Another thing a person could do to move the process up for securing one of the available overseas oil rig jobs is getting all immunizations required for the particular country taken care of. Information about the types of inoculations needed and the amount of time they would be good for is provided online or in person through a local health clinic. Along with this, having a Visa and passport ready to go is actually attractive to hiring companies in that most are in need of good help so being able to get the process going without being told would impress.


Potential Companies

There are many companies that offer overseas oil rig jobs but the following are some with a solid reputation that should be considered. With this information, it would be possible to conduct research on the company but also jobs available and hiring criteria.

  • Baker Hughes
  • China Oilfield Services
  • Fluor
  • Halliburton
  • Petrofac
  • Saipem
  • Schlumberger
  • Transocean
  • Weatherford International

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