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Opportunities and Positions for Oil Field Sales Jobs

When it comes to oil field sales jobs, many different options exist. The reason is that the oil field industry is so vast that each entity is often sold to clients individually rather than the entire service for this industry being sold as a whole. For this reason, opportunities are vast, each providing not only a different focus but also job stability and potential for salary and advancement.

In addition, oil field sales jobs involve people working on the inside and outside, meaning some people make outside calls as a way of stirring up new business while others offer sales in a more supportive type role. In this case, an existing customer might be contacted to see if additional products or services could be provided. No matter the job, they are all vital to the industry, as well as the company itself.

Sales Representative

This particular job requires the representative to generate new business and increase revenue at various levels of sales. Following establishes company policies the individual would perform this duty in accordance with sales objectives and programs. Typically, the sales representative has a specific geographic area in which to work. In addition to new sales, it would be imperative to remain in contact with established accounts to keep current customers.

Other duties for this oil field sales job would be creating and submitting customer bids, handling various customer problems and escalating them to the appropriate manager as needed for resolution, traveling to worksites to check on the arrival of equipment, and overall being on a 24-hour on-call basis to deal with problems and needs of customers when they arise. For someone to work in this type of oil field sales job, most companies want three years of experience, great communication and interpersonal skills, and flexibility.


Sales Engineer

Another one of the common oil field sales jobs is this, which is responsible for the promotion of products, services, and system solutions but this time, from the perspective of a technical engineer. In addition, this sales person would be a liaison between the customer, sales manager, distributor, and application centers so system and engine requirements could be assessed.

Along with the above, the Sales Engineer would provide technical analysis on existing product installations and when needed, provide appropriate solutions for customers’ needs. Internal engineering activities in connection to installations and orders would be coordinated, requests for new product orders would be communicated to counterparts in other countries according to market trends and customer demand, and organize and communicate challenging technical problems to the appropriate management team, followed by assisting in finding solutions.


Strategic Accounts Manager

This too would be among the many opportunities for oil field sales jobs. The difference is that global account management projects would be the primary goal. In this role, being a strong leader is critical, along with excellent problem-solving skills. The focus of this particular job is to meet or preferably meet annual sales goals, maintain existing business by working closely with the sales team on all levels, and develop but also maintain a strategic business plan.

Additionally, the Strategic Accounts Manager would need to remain actively involved with managing business with the goal of making sure that all actions being done are done quickly but also effectively. This person would also develop strategic account coordination and drive it to success, develop accounts, create and executive profitability improvement plans, design and execute a call cycle for accounts that have been assigned, and collaborate with technical support within the company.

For a person to qualify for this particular oil field sales job, a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry or some other type of technical degree, have at minimum 10 years of experience in working sales for the oilfield industry or a related field, and possess experience in managing global sales accounts, specific to the oil and gas industry.


Job Security

The oil field has begun to recover after several years of challenge in connection with the recent financial crisis and as a result, people are needed for different oil field sales jobs as a means of bringing in more business but also keeping current customers happy. Therefore, the future for this type of career appears strong.

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