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Description of the Current Important Oil Field Service Jobs

Every offshore oil rig and oil field is comprised of multiple players. Each person contributes something specific and valuable to getting different job functions done in an effective and safe manner. While some jobs are labor intensive and some consisting of executives who make important decisions, there is another group of workers associated with services. Together, workers make it possible for oil to be found and extracted as a means of boosting the economy and improving the job market.

People who work oil field services jobs literally work in the field, performing a variety of duties. The list of job opportunities is quite extensive and just as with labor and executive level jobs, services jobs are also in great demand. Therefore, someone interested in the oil industry as a long-term career has several different categories in which to search for the best fit. We wanted to provide some examples of oil field services jobs, which are provided below.

As seen with the examples of oil field services jobs provided, people working in this category provide support services that are the backbone of the industry. While they hold lead roles, much of their work is behind the scenes, making sure the frontrunners have work and environments that are safe.


Field Service Engineer

The person in this role would need mid-level experience, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering or equivalent experience. While this job provides challenges and rewards, it also involves a significant amount of travel in most instances. In fact, for some companies, up to 90% of a Field Service Engineers time would involve travel.

The primary responsibilities include servicing and commissioning excitation systems and OEM generators. This person would also be responsible for protective relay systems for transformers, generators, power potential transformers. And switchgear protective relays, all pertinent to successful oil drilling.


Field Service Commissioning Leader for Drilling

Another one of the key oil field services jobs is this, which requires specific experience, a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Business Management, excellent interpersonal and communication skills, proven leadership and sound decision-making abilities, and strong computer skills. In this role, the person would oversee daily coordination, as well as remote supervision of various commissioning projects. Because of the work involved and level of importance, this individual would need to conduct strategic coordination, direction, and leadership with precision.

In addition to leading development plans, the person would have excellent time-management capabilities and be able to execute all objectives. Along with being responsible for coordinating commissioning projects, this individual would coordinate various teams for the installation and commission of drilling equipment systems, organize resolution for complex mechanical, electrical, and software issues within budget and on time, and manage and direct materials, manpower, equipment, tools, and supplies needed for the job.


Contracts and Procurement Manager

Typically, this type of oil field services job works on a rotational basis, which might consist of 28 days on and 28 days off or something similar. As a high level position within the oil industry, the right candidate would need to appropriate degree, have at least 15 years of experience in the oil and gas industry with heavy emphasis on drilling, have a background in drilling operations, and experience in remote location. While not mandatory, it would be highly beneficial for this person to have contract experience.

For responsibilities, this type of oil field services manager would be head over procurement and contract management to include spearheading work of teams. Key roles include preparation of ITTs, conducting communication and negotiation for services and equipment with third-party suppliers, create a list of prequalified vendors and suppliers, work as a liaison with financial personnel and managers for expat drilling and operational facilities, and solve delivery issues as they arise, among many other things.


Senior HSE Advisor

The last example we wanted to offer specific to oil field services jobs is the Sr. HSE Advisor, which focuses on health, safety, and environment. In addition to being in great demand, this role has a competitive salary. This person would be responsible for all HSE activities to include providing guidance to top company executives, as well as mid-level teams for both onshore and offshore operations. In addition, development and implementation of safety management systems would fall under this person’s expertise.

To perform duties at optimal levels, this advisor would establish appropriate systems, procedures, and processes to ensure complete effectiveness and safety. The primary focus would be reducing or better yet, eliminating risk that oil field workers face. This would include having a zero tolerance policy for accidents, as well as establishing guidelines specific to minimum lost time incidents. Because of responsibilities being so precise, this person must have exceptional knowledge and experience with compliance issues, be highly organized, a great communicator, and possess outstanding interpersonal skills.

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