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Overview of Oil Field Jobs in North Dakota

While a number of states have experienced tremendous growth in the oil industry, North Dakota is one that has seen some of the greatest success in the past few years. Because of this, companies drilling for oil have seen incredible oil production but in addition, experts predict that high yield of drilled oil will continue for several decades. For oil drilling to take place, a long list of professionals are needed, each working a specific job that helps companies achieve both success and growth. Due to so much oil being drilled in this particular state, now would be the ideal time for a person to start a new career.

 Jobs in High Demand

Of course, while the oil company sees results in the form of increased revenue, most oil field jobs in North Dakota pay well so workers also benefit. Along with competitive salaries, oil field jobs in North Dakota provide job stability, something that millions of people failed to see during the most recent financial crisis. With so many types of job opportunities continuing to grow in the North Dakota oil industry, skilled and non-skilled workers alike are needed and in great numbers.

While oil companies would prefer to have workers that have specialized education and/or training, or perhaps prior experience North Dakota Oil Field Jobsin the oil industry, there are some companies with positions for workers that are just getting started in the business. Obviously, non-skilled oil field jobs in North Dakota would be entry level, which means lower pay but just as with skilled jobs, there is an abundance of openings for people interested in this type of career.

The list of oil field jobs in North Dakota listed below are just examples of what a person would expect to find throughout the state regardless of company so it would be important to know that many other opportunities exist. These jobs represent positions in the field, as well as those of support roles.

  • Roustabout
  • Tool Pusher
  • Mud Logger
  • Crane Operator
  • Operator Assistant
  • Welder
  • Electronic Technician
  • Mechanical
  • Truck Driver
  • Sales
  • Clerical

Job Specifics

One of the most important things for a person to know is that many jobs in the oil industry, whether direct or indirect to drilling, require a tremendous amount of physical strength. Therefore, the right candidate for many oil field jobs in North Dakota would need to be physically fit and strong. In addition, a large number of jobs involve long hours working in the elements regardless of temperature, rain, wind, and so on. Because many jobs put great demand on the body, it takes a specific type of person to perform duties. Most oil field jobs, regardless of education, training, experience, of job type, a person would need to be at least 18 years of age and often, 21.

To be hired for jobs within the oil industry, an individual would be mandated to drug testing, have a valid driver’s license with a clean driving record, and usually, undergo a fitness test. As far as drug screening, this is not only done at the start of the hiring process but tests are performed randomly throughout a person’s employment. Because oil field jobs have a high risk of injury, this is imperative to safety for the individual but also the other crewmembers and even expensive equipment. Depending on the types of oil fields jobs in North Dakota being considered, a person might also need to acquire a commercial driver’s license or CDL. Often, jobs on all levels require long hours to include overtime, as well as work at night, on the weekends, and holidays so this is something that candidates would need to be comfortable with. Obviously, while there are multiple openings for oil field jobs in North Dakota, the work is hard and long. Therefore, this type of career is not for everyone.

However, for the person with the right qualifications and desire to learn, oil field jobs in North Dakota would provide ample opportunity to make good money and enjoy job stability. Of course, having the ability to learn an array of skills would also make it possible for a person starting in an entry level position to move up within the company, which means even more earning potential.

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