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Current Available Oklahoma Oil Field Jobs

Several states have seen an explosion of jobs in the oil and gas industry with Oklahoma being one. In addition to this state, others such as Texas, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, New York, and many others have literally hit the mother lode. Because of this, now is the time for people interested in this industry to begin looking at opportunities just waiting to be captured.

Specific to Oklahoma oil field jobs, we wanted to provide important information about what is happening in this state, as well as some of the key jobs needing qualified workers. Rather than get stuck in a dead-end job that has no security and pays minimum wage, a person could just as easy put desire, as well as experience to good use by securing a position in Oklahoma.


Shale Opportunities

Sometimes referred to as the “Oklahoma Shale”, the Woodford Shale Natural Gas Field has provided great hope to this state. To reach the trapped gas beneath the shale rock, vertical wells for drilling must be created to reach down thousands of feet. From there, horizontal drilling must be performed so unique techniques for fracturing the shale can be used along with high pressured water. Thanks to experience gained with the Barnett Shale, companies have flocked to the Woodford Shale formation knowing exactly what should and should not be done.

Found in the western region of the state of Oklahoma, this has also become a hot spot for oil companies. In addition to this shale being a place rich in oil, natural gas has also been discovered. As this site ramps up, Oklahoma oil field jobs are opening for all levels. This means someone with little education, training, and/or experience would have the chance to get started on the low level along with opportunities being available for mid to upper level personnel.


Oklahoma Growth

Over the past three years, numerous states have added more than 10,000 jobs specific to oil and gas extraction with the state of Oklahoma being among those ranked highest. Because of new discoveries, there is currently a high demand for workers to help with oil extraction, which are available on and offshore. Then as mentioned, a variety of jobs to include derrick hands, roustabouts,  roughnecks, rotary drill operators, rig managers, motor hands, and more are needed desperately to keep up with the increased number of oil barrels being produced daily.

Oil companies around the globe to include Oklahoma are pressured to find new reserves to help with increased oil consumption but also uncertainly about securing oil resources overseas. As a result, these companies have developed several new technologies not only for finding oil but also extracting it in an effective and safe manner. However, with tight laws to protect the environment, companies have also been required to drill to reach oil underground without disturbing protected areas.

For companies to produce high volumes of oil to meet demand but keep environmentalists happy, they depend on skilled workers for the job. Remember, Oklahoma oil field jobs run the gamut with each person key to success but some of the positions needed most include geologists and petroleum engineers. Being higher level jobs, someone interested would be required to have specialized education and training with heavy emphasis on meeting needs of oil companies from all angles.


Overview of Job Opportunities

The truth is that while mid to high level Oklahoma oil field jobs are challenging the workers handling various drilling operations have it rough but these hardcore people love physical and mental labor that goes hand-in-hand with the industry. To become one of the Oklahoma oil field workers, a person would need to be a minimum of 18 years of age but on average workers are between 25 and 28. While some positions exist without specialized education, if a person were interested in advancing in this industry, at some point this would be necessary.

Of course, the higher a person goes up the ladder the better the income. It takes time to move from an entry level position to one of management or higher but the years of hard work and dedication to the job would be a worthwhile investment. Therefore, even if a person took one of the entry level Oklahoma oil field jobs, there is a degree of excitement in knowing that opportunities to move up do exist. In fact, with experts believing oil will be drilled to the level it is now for the next 20, possibly 30 years, a person has plenty of time to hone skills.

Another thing to consider is that drilling is a 24-hour job that occurs 365 days a year and in some instances, travel is a big part of the job. Therefore, when considering any of the available Oklahoma oil field jobs, it would be imperative for a person to understand this is not a career for everyone. However, with proper training and education, it is a career that is extremely rewarding on many levels. With so many openings, online resources such as or are one of the best places to find positions although an individual could apply directly with the oil company if wanted.

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