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Job Profile: Drilling Rig Leasehand

In this Job Profile we look at job of a drilling rig leasehand, what their job entails, a leasehand’s salary expectations, and everything you may want to know about being a leasehand on a drilling rig.

Salary: $45,000 – $65,000
Education: High School plus basic oilfield safety courses
Progression:In this guide we meet Shawn, a roughneck on a service rig operated by Great Plains Well Servicing in Brooks Alberta and learn first hand about what a roughneck’s life and job are like. Floorhand, Motorhand, Derrickhand, Driller, Rig Manager, Consultant
These are typical for leasehand but will vary from company to company.

A drilling crew typically has 1 or 2 leasehands on each crew and they are responsible for all of the general labor and maintenance on the rig site. A leasehand is an entry level position designed to teach inexperienced persons how a drilling rig works and to get them comfortable with a drilling rig environment.

Being a leasehand on a drilling rig is a great way to start your career in the oil patch. A leasehand that works hard and learns fast can be promoted to floorhand fairly quickly and after that there are several other promotions you can earn within a drilling rig crew.

If you are not used to hard work being a leasehand will be tough. Leasehands are responsible for most of the general labor on site, everything from unloading trucks to digging ditches to scrubbing equipment. Being the low man on the totem pole you will also be responsible for the entire on site housekeeping such as cleaning waste baskets, making coffee, and general upkeep.

A leasehand’s job can be very demanding at times, all of the hard labor, being away from home for long periods, and working in extreme weather conditions, but you are rewarded with an above average salary and plenty of room for career advancement.

Drilling rig leasehands typically earn anywhere’s between $45,000 to $65,000 a year depending on which company you work for, how much work your rig gets, and how hard you are willing to work. This entry level position is a great way to get your career in Alberta’s oil field started.

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